Thursday, October 22, 2009

Parks and Recreation: an education

This is a week late but I just had the chance to catch last week’s episode of Parks and Recreation: Sister City Episode 'Leslie welcomes the Parks and Recreation department from Pawnee's sister city, Boraqua, Venezuela, and is stunned by the cultural differences'
I have to say that it was pretty educational for people who don’t know what Venezuela has become. The general's representing the Venezuela were captured perfectly from their red Chavista berets to their smugness in thinking they can buy everything and everyone with the country's oil money that does not even belong to them. (Fred Armisen as the head official was great)

There were some consistently funny, and sadly true, lines throughout the episode. My favorite was 'Chavez favorite pastime is humiliating America' while Leslie refuses to say ‘Viva Chavez’ in front of a video the Venezuelan representatives are making. As Leslie states, she can’t, she still believes in democracy. See episode here.

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