Monday, July 26, 2010

Favorite Things: Kristen Bell

Bobble (designed by Karim Rashid)
& Emi-Jay
This weekend I raided the luggage of my beautiful friend Kristen Bell and found the bobble water bottle and the emi-jay hair tie. I now have two new obsessions. See below by KB:

1. I recently found myself buying bottled water only to refill the reusable bottle I was carrying, defeating its purpose entirely. Enter my new friend: bobble. With a built-in filter I can fill it up at sinks and drinking fountains and instantly have purified water that's good for both me and the planet.

2. Emi-Jay hair ties don't break your hair and they look cute on your wrist. They were designed by two adorable teenagers, Emily Matson and Julianne Goldmark, in Los Angeles. I like the purple.

Raisin & Kristen are also two of my favorite things.

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